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Amish Country

Green Lake County is home to one of the largest Amish settlements in Wisconsin, near the communities of Kingston and Dalton. The Kingston/Dalton settlement was founded in 1977 and has grown to 9 congregations today.

Princeton is fortunate to have many Amish communities within a short driving distance. The Kingston-Dalton-Marquette, Redgranite and Richford areas are home to a number of authentic Amish retail specialty shops selling handcrafted-furniture to lumber, general store items to fresh produce, greenhouses, cheese and candy and much more…all within easy driving distance to each other. The Amish still follow the traditions of their ancestors in their daily living. Horse-drawn buggies, kerosene lanterns, subdued-color clothing, bonnets and straw hats can still be seen today. The Amish are known for their exceptionally well-made wood furniture, cabinetry, baked goods, beautiful quilts and much more. An entirely different way of life co-exists in this beautiful, rural area of southwest Green Lake County and in neighboring Waushara County.

Take a leisurely drive and see for yourself the uniqueness of Amish living! Many specialty shops are here for your enjoyment. Stop and visit…buy and take home a little bit of the Amish culture. The Amish businesses are usually open weekdays; closed holidays and Sunday, which is their day of worship.

Two notes of caution: Please be courteous when following or passing the horse-drawn buggies and pedestrians on the highways. You will find that most Amish horsedrawn carriage drivers are exceptionally friendly and will wave to you as you pass.

The Amish culture and religious tenants prohibit the Amish people from willingly having their pictures taken. If you are a photographer you are welcome to photograph the horses, buggies, buildings and scenery, but please do not photograph the Amish people. You will cause anxiety by doing so.

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