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Fountain Creek Wet Prairie

Within the Grand River Marsh Wildlife Area, Green Lake County. T14N-R11E, Section 8 and 17. 252 acres.

Fountain Creek Wet Prairie is a large wet, low prairie situated in the basin of the Grand River Marsh. The wet prairie, a rare community type in Wisconsin, is characterized prairie cord grass, bottle gentian, blue-joint grass, Kalm’s brome, mountain mint, prairie blazing-star, marsh fern, and Michigan lily. Higher areas contain prairie drop-seed, marsh muhly, big and little blue-stem, and characteristic fen species such as shrubby cinquefoil, marsh fern, and boneset. Some of the more showy forbs include turtlehead, New England aster, sneezeweed, phlox, and wood lily. Because the area is located within the Grand River Marsh Wildlife Area, it is used by a large number of geese, sandhill cranes, great blue herons, northern harrier, and bobolink. The wet prairie soils are easily compacted and vegetation fragile – please walk softly. Fountain Creek Wet Prairie is owned by the DNR and was designated a State Natural Area in 1972.

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