Wisconsin Amish Country: Dalton Kingston Amish Communities

With the fourth-largest Amish population in the United States, Wisconsin Amish country is home to Kingston and Dalton settlements in Green Lake County.

The customs of each community differ from one church district to the next, but most resist using modern conveniences and technologies such as electricity, cell phones, driving modern automobiles, and using the latest in farming equipment.

While the communities remain close-knit and relatively private, some are open to sharing their fantastic baked goods and other wooden works built through their skilled craftsmanship at stores around the state. A few even offer self-guided or narrated driving tours so visitors can experience an up-close look at the farms, stores, and homes that make up these Amish communities.

Wisconsin Amish Country Dalton Kingston Settlements

Experience and enjoy Amish Country charm during your stay at Adeline’s.

Being within a leisurely drive from Adeline’s, the Dalton and Kingston Amish communities are favorites for our guests to explore, especially guests staying at Adeline’s during the weekdays.

As you wander the backroads around Kingston and Dalton, look for places like Kingston Creamery, Pleasant View Bakery, and Oven Fresh Bakery. These places sell cheeses, bread, pies, candies, and jams you can enjoy when you return to Adeline’s.

With Amish businesses closed on Sundays, Adeline’s offers special weekday rates and stays that can be booked up to 12 months in advance.

Kingston Creamery Amish Adventure

What do Amish do to make a living?

A popular assumption is that all Amish are farmers, selling their produce at a roadside stand or in a local market. While farming is still a primary way of life for the Amish, the opportunities for Amish-run businesses have expanded.

Many Amish use their skills as builders, roofers, cabinetmakers, furniture makers, hardware suppliers, equipment converters, crafters, bakers, and more.

The Amish are honest and ethical, even in the smallest business transactions.

They genuinely bring their values into their work, and it shows. As a result, customers trust them, and they can build lasting relationships that drive a successful business quickly. Amish businesses view money as a tool, which puts less emphasis on financial success.

What do Amish do to make a living

Adeline’s Amenities for your Amish County Retreat

Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, Adeline’s offers relaxing and recreational amenities to compliment your deserved retreat to Amish Country.

Features inside include a Big Dipper 20-foot hot tub, a game room with a wet bar and fireplace, a kitchen and two dining areas, and a second-floor great room. Outside features include spacious grounds, a large fire pit, a private pier with channel access to Lake Puckaway, and a seasonal Umbrella Garden.

Adeline’s has six cozy bedrooms to accommodate 12 overnight guests. Each bedroom has access to a large screened wrap-around deck with hanging benches, seating areas, and two adult-size wooden rocking horses.

Adeline's Amenities for your Amish County Retreat

Wisconsin Amish Country: Dalton Kingston Amish Communities

Below is a partial list of the Amish shops. Business and hours are subject to change. Refer to the map for Amish business in the area provided by Green Lake Chamber.

Pleasant View Bakery
N9541 Kiefer Rd., Dalton
Summer Hours April-Sept. 8am-4pm
Tues., Wed., Fri., Sat.
Winter Hours October-March 8am-4pm
Friday & Saturday

Amish Vegetables & Brown Eggs
W7214 Barry Rd., Dalton

M&M Pet Supply
W5115 Barry Rd., Dalton
Mon.-Wed., Fri.-Sat. 8am-5pm

Lilac Furniture Gallery/Woodshop
W1996 Barry Rd., Dalton
Mon.-Wed. 9am-5pm, Fri.-Sat. 8am-5pm

Mishler’s Country Store
W5115 Barry Rd, Dalton
Mon.-Wed., Fri.-Sat. 8am-5pm

Maple Lane Woodshop
N9896 Cty. Hwy. EE, Dalton

Woodside Greenhouse/Kuhn’s Welding
N941 Hwy. 22, Dalton

Cedar Lane Furniture
N9698 Kiefer Rd., Dalton

Hand Made Baskets
N9520 Kiefer Rd., Dalton

Amish Businesses Wisconsin Green Lake County